The smartest way to fly is finally here.

They say information is power. That’s especially true when you’re trying to select a flight. On any given route, some airlines offer more of the comfort, convenience and in-flight services you want, others a lot less.

The problem is that you, the paying passenger, can’t get a complete picture when you search. Beyond price and schedule, there’s just no way to compare flights based on all the factors that are important to you — which makes it all too easy to leave your happiness at the gate.

Calasi is about to change that. We’re joining with the world’s top travel sites to give you the inside track on every flight, to every destination worldwide. Just search as you typically do, and you’ll see our SmartScore™ next to each flight option. The higher the score, the more that flight offers compared to others. Full details are revealed with a single click.

In another travel first, our SmartScore™ also includes fuel and CO2 efficiency, so you can help the planet while helping yourself to a more enjoyable flight. Soon, we’ll even be able to use your preferences to prioritize flights that meet your exact criteria: from favorite airlines and frequent flyer programs to service quality, on-time performance and more.

Use Calasi once, and you’ll wonder how you ever booked a flight without it. It’s fast, easy and absolutely free. Learn more about how Calasi works.

Meet our pilots.

Calasi is all about helping you make the smartest and efficient choice each time you fly.
It’s an ethos that unites everything we do, and everyone on our team.
Here are some of the people helping us to reach new heights.

  • Dirk Aguilar

    Dirk AguilarPresident and Co-Founder

    Dirk started Google’s International Business Operations, and established the company’s first offices outside of the United States. He hired, mentored and managed business and analyst teams, and was responsible for operational and product strategies in 20 countries. Before joining Google, Dirk worked in the IT and music industries in Europe, where he graduated from business school.

  • Satish Viswanatham

    Satish ViswanathamCo-Founder and Technical Advisor

    Satish earned his Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Iowa. After excelling as a Senior Engineer at Netscape, AOL, Sun Microsystems and Jasper, he joined The Climate Corporation (formerly Weatherbill), where he became a Technical Director. A passionate software professional, Satish is motivated by learning and applying innovative development tools and methodologies.

  • Margaret Lydecker

    Margaret LydeckerMarketing Manager

    Margaret’s career in the sustainability field has spanned over 15 years as a social entrepreneur and specialist in environmental marketing and communications. She has worked as a sustainability advisor to Fortune 500 companies, was the first green hire at Viacom music channel VH1, and founded Green Drinks NYC, New York's largest network of green professionals with over 15,000 members.

  • Len Dickter

    Len DickterBrand Advisor

    Len is a partner in the award-winning design collective Tomato, our branding and content advisors. As part of our leadership team, he helps to shape Calasi’s identity, community and communications. Along with 20 years of global expertise in creating original cross-channel marketing and content, Len has worked on social and environmental projects with clients such as Google, Nokia and the UN.

  • Harold Goodwin

    Harold GoodwinStrategic Advisor

    Dr. Goodwin is Prof. of Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds Metropolitan University, where he teaches Masters and PhD students, and researches the tourism industry, local economic development, poverty reduction, conservation and responsible tourism. As Founder and Director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism, Dr. Goodwin promotes the principles of the Cape Town Declaration.